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If you’re a DIY enthusiast or a homeowner with a knack for woodworking projects, you’ve probably wondered at some point whether Home Depot, the retail giant renowned for its vast selection of building materials, offers free wood scraps. After all, Home Depot is a go-to destination for all things home improvement, and the prospect of getting your hands on cost-effective or even complimentary wood scraps could be a game-changer for your projects. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the intriguing question: Does Home Depot have free wood scraps? We’ll delve into the possibilities, strategies, and tips to help you uncover this hidden treasure trove of building materials and turn your DIY dreams into reality. So, if you’re eager to learn how to score free wood scraps at Home Depot, keep reading!

Does Home Depot Offer Scrap Wood? 

The short answer is yes. Every Home Depot has scrap wood in some form that it needs to dispose of. The question then becomes whether or not the scraps are free. The answer is that it depends and we’ll explain further below. 

What Kinds Of Scrap Wood Are Available?

There are two main types of wood that end up in the Home Depot scrap pile: 

  1. Cull Wood: This is wood that is warped, bent, twisted, split, or damaged in some way. Cull wood is removed from inventory when the damage is found. Cull wood is often larger pieces of wood compared to the other forms of scraps. 
  2. Leftover Cuts: Home Depot provides free in-store wood cutting. When a customer buys wood and needs it cut to length, the scraps that remain after the cut will be discarded in the scrap pile. 

Between these two types of scrap wood, there are a variety of different pieces of wood you may find in the scrap pile. Everything from planks to plywood and trellis pieces could be in the scrap pile. 

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While this wood has been deemed scrap, you may find some pieces in the pile that you could shape and use for your wood projects. 

How To Get Scrap Wood From Home Depot

Most Home Depot’s have a scrap pile, but it’s always possible that some may not. The scrap pile tends to be located in one of three locations around the store: 

  • On the side of the building (often marked with sizes and discount prices)
  • In front of the building to the side of the lumber entry
  • In the back of the building on a cart

If you can’t find a scrap pile, you can ask an employee if your Home Depot location has one. Once you’ve located the scrap pile, see if there is any pricing signage or details. If there isn’t, you can ask an employee if any of the scraps are free. Inspect the scraps and see if there’s anything you’re interested in. If there is a price, you’ll have to take the scrap wood you’re interested in over to the front checkout. If the wood is free, you’ll be able to walk out of the store with the scrap wood without needing to pay anything. 

free wood

Is The Scrap Wood At Home Depot Always Free? 

You’ve likely either stumbled onto this post because you’ve read/heard stories about individuals receiving free wood from Home Depot, or you’ve seen the scrap wood pile and you’ve wondered whether or not it’s free. The answer is that there is no universal policy across Home Depot stores to provide scrap wood for free. 

Whether or not the wood is free seems to depend on a combination of the employees, store management, and the amount of scrap wood that needs to be disposed of. Home Depot has a reputation for scraping out every penny of profit the company can from operations. Even items as inexpensive as cardboard from shipments are baled and sold for recycling. For this reason, many locations won’t let you take scrap wood for free. 

Cull wood is often offered at a 70-80% discounted price and leftover cuts are sold for a nominal charge. Nevertheless, there are certain Home Depot stores or certain employees that will offer scrap wood for free. Free scrap wood at Home Depot does exist – it just may not exist at your location. If scrap wood isn’t marked as free, it doesn’t hurt to ask an employee if you can have the wood for free. You might be awarded the opportunity to walk out of the store with free wood. 

Other Sources For Free Scrap Wood

If your local Home Depot or Lowes refuses to let you have scrap wood for free, there are other sources you can turn to for free scrap wood. Truthfully, some of these sources may end up being more fruitful than Home Depot. 

Construction Sites

Construction companies regularly produce wood scraps that get tossed after a job is completed. Scraps may come from the old structure being torn down or new lumber that has been cut to size. This scrap wood would normally cost companies money to dispose of in the form of dumpster rentals. If you can take enough wood off their hands to reduce their dumpster expenses many of them would likely happily supply you with free scrap wood. 

Free Facebook Wood

Facebook Marketplace

It’s amazing what you can sometimes find on Facebook Marketplace for free. There’s usually no shortage of free wood on Facebook Marketplace and you’ll often have better luck here than you would at Home Depot. In many cases, the free wood listed is logs for firewood, but you can sometimes find planks and 2x4s for free. 


Just like Facebook Marketplace, you can also often find free wood listed on Craigslist. Craigslist isn’t as popular as it once was, but there are still plenty of posts added regularly. At the very least, you can probably find wood that is heavily discounted compared to what you could buy at a hardware store. 

Tree Trimming Companies

Tree trimming services usually have scrap wood they need to dispose of from trees they’ve cut down. You may be able to work out an arrangement with a tree trimming company to get some of their scrap wood for free. These wood scraps will require more processing to remove the bark, treat them, etc. but they’ll still be free! 

Old Barn Wood

Old Barns

Barns are expensive to upkeep. We had two on our property and we were quoted $70,000 just to replace the sill beams for one barn. Old barns can become an eye sore and they can be too much of a financial burden to upkeep. Some property owners may happily let you take down their barn for free and let you keep the wood. That’s exactly what we did for one of our barns. We let a woman dismantle our barn and take the wood to use for her new home build. The barn would have cost us around $7,000 to take down, so we were more than happy to let her do it for free. 

You can look for old barns in disrepair and talk with the owner about taking some of the wood. It’s possible you may be able to get a farmer to let you take some of the wood for free. Some may try to charge you, but it will still be less than the cost of buying new wood. 

Local Retail Stores

Many larger local retail stores like grocery stores receive shipments on wood pallets. When the shipments are unloaded the pallets are usually discarded outside the back of the store. Sometimes these stores will let you have the pallets for free if you ask for them. There are all kinds of interesting home improvement projects you can embark on with wood pallets. 

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